Laundry to Landscape Kit


The Urban Farmer Store’ best-selling L2L graywater starter kit includes most of the parts to divert washing machine discharge to the landscape. It does not alter existing plumbing in any way so no permit is needed.

A step-by-step installation guide published by the SFPUC is a free download from our library at and watch “Ask This Old House” episode which shows how to install our kit. It was filmed in San Francisco!,,20565323,00.html

All you need is a clothes washer, a flat or down-sloping garden the starter kit, and a commitment to saving water!

The number of mulch basin discharge sites in your landscape will vary depending on its soil type, washing machine type, and number of laundry loads. The kit includes only 10 feet of outdoor tubing–just enough to get well away from the house. Extra tubing and mulch basin discharge options sold separately.




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