We help camps reduce their environmental impact, regenerate natural systems, and become models of environmental stewardship for campers and their surrounding communities.

By establishing a set of nationally-recognized environmental management criteria, we assess each camps facilities and practices and facilitate the implementation of ecologically sustainable and educational systems.

We also aim to promote the environmental, social, and economic value sustainable initiatives can bring to the camping community.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provide resources to help camps implement green practices
  • Learn from the challenges and successes from the experiences of camps in implementing green practices
  • Demonstrate the environmental, social and economical value of implementing sustainable practices
  • Learn what camps are already doing to green their community
  • Demonstrate the impact green initiatives can have through educating the numerous and diverse visitors that come through a camp facility.
  • Understand that there isn’t one mold that will fit each camp’s need to reduce their environmental impact, rather each camp needs to look through their individual lens to determine what will best suit them.
  • Create a set of nationally recognized standards for camps to be able to demonstrate that they are following certain guidelines to reduce environmental impact.