Waste Audit


A waste audit is an analysis of your facility’s waste stream. It can identify what types of recyclable materials and waste your office generates and how much of each type is recovered for recycling or discarded. Using the data collected during a waste audit, your organization can identify ways to reduce waste and enhance its recycling efforts and determine the potential for cost savings.


Different types of audits

Audit A Have staff and campers save the garbage from their cabin for one day.
Audit B Have campers conduct a one day audit of the facility and food service waste for one lunch period for the entire camp.
Audit C Have campers conduct a visual waste audit of the contents of the school dumpster.

Waste Audit Tools

Download the Waste Audit Tool Here

Download (PDF, 2.01MB)

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Download (PDF, 61KB)

Waste Audit Mural Activity

Download (DOC, 2.2MB)

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