Laundry to Landscape


The Laundry to Landscape system is the simplest, least expensive, most efficient way to get your greywater into the landscape and out of the septic tank.


Understanding Laundry to Landscape

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From Laundry to Landscape: Tap into Greywater

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Washing detergents

When your laundry water is going to the soil instead of to the sewer (or a septic tank) you need to make sure that detergent is friendly to soil life. Your big brand detergents are a no-go. And even the various eco-detergents, even ones marked ÔÇ£biodegradableÔÇØ, are not appropriate for the soil because they are essentially salt-based. Read More Here

Soap Nuts

Oasis Biocompatable Cleaners

ECOS: Natural Detergent

Vaska: Perfect Lavender

Seventh Generation Chlorine Free Bleach

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