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The 5 minute exit survey from the webinar will help us continue to grow and develop resources for the camp community.

I Can Compost and So Can EE-(red) (1)You!


The composting webinar, “I Can Compost & So Can You” was a great success! Thank you all for engaging with our presenters to learn about composting through the lens of the camp community.

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Thank you to our wonderful panel of presenters!


Cary Oshins

US Composting Council

Director of Education and Annual Conference




Cary Oshins is Director of Education and Annual Conference for the United States Composting Council, where his work includes advocacy and policy development in addition to expanding professional development opportunities for composters. Prior to this he was head of the Stormwater Management Division of Gardenique Landscaping, Inc. in Orefield, PA, where he represented Filtrexx® Erosion Control products.  Cary has 25 years of experience in composting education, research, utilization and promotion, working for the Lehigh County Office of Solid Waste, the Rodale Institute, and Cornell University’s Waste Management Institute. As consultant to the Professional Recyclers of PA, he developed, coordinated and taught the organics component to PROP’s award-winning Recycling Professional Certification Program.


Ryan Wannamaker

Camp Stevens

Farm and Garden Director




Ryan has been the organic gardener at Camp Stevens since 2005. He cares for our farm/garden, its soil, bio-diversity, and the hundreds of varieties of fruits, vegetables, flowers and herbs that these systems support. In addition, Ryan is interested in landscaping with drought tolerant; habitat providing, native plants and helping our guests connect with their ecology in the gardens and in the wilderness surrounding our facilities. In his other life Ryan enjoys good food, good company, home-grown music, and climbing rocks.


Beth Fitzpatrick

Frost Valley YMCA

Farm Property Manager



Frost Valley YMCA’s Farm Property Manager, Beth​ Fitzpatrick, has worked at Frost Valley for 12 years, the majority of which she has spent supervising the 5,500-acre camp’s on-site Resource Management Center, a full-cycle composting operation and waste management facility. Her responsibilities also include managing the manure produced by the camp’s horse and farm programs.


Danny Sudman

Green Camps Initiative

Founder/Executive Director




Danny has spent nearly every summer at a camp since he was nine years old and first attended a YMCA camp in North Carolina. In 2006, after graduating from NC State University with a degree in Sociology, Danny moved to California to begin working at Catalina Island Camps (CIC) to continue growing into the role of a summer camp director as well as a program director for the Catalina Environmental Leadership Program (CELP). Danny’s background in summer camping and environmental education allows him to help shape programs to reach a diverse audience and provide them with valuable critical thinking skills in an effort to better themselves and their communities.

Webinar Resources

Follow Danny’s board Composting on Pinterest.

Follow Danny’s board Worm Composting on Pinterest.

Do the Rot Thing & other resources from the Central Vermont Solid Waste
Management District

Are you a member of the Clean Plate Club?

  •  The Clean Plate Club or CPC provides an oppotunity to speak with your campers about the first step in reducing food waste.
  • “Take What You’ll Eat, Eat What You Take”
  • This is meant to encourage both camp and staff to be more conscious about how much food they are taking.  It’s always best to take a little less and come back for seconds.

Compost Critter Cards

View a great guide on composting with activities and critter cards  produced by Cuyahoga Solid Waste Management District


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I Can Compost & So Can You:  A Green Camps Webinar

Program Description

Green Camps Initiative has partnered with the US Composting Council, Camp Stevens and Frost Valley YMCA to provide education in the implementation and management of composting systems.  The webinar presentation will demonstrate the environmental and educational value of composting.  Our expert presenters will help you choose a compost system that’s right for you.

The average person generates 4.3 pounds of waste per day.  Of that, over 60%, or 2.6 pounds, is organic waste, such as food scraps, yard trimmings, and paper, much of which could be recycled by composting.  The communal settings of camps and schools are ideal for incorporating compost systems that engage both youth and adults with experiential education and a connection to the natural environment.  Learn how composting methods from home scale to larger capacity systems can be used to divert organic wastes from your local landfill while creating rich beneficial compost.

Program Goals

The goal of this webinar is to demonstrate the educational, economic and environmental benefits of composting and support them in the implementation and management with educational resources.

Program Outcomes

  1. An understanding of the benefits composting and compost use provides for our planet.
  2. Engaging and educational ways to introduce the concepts of composting.
  3. Identify proven methods of processing large amounts of food waste and the educational opportunities camps can benefit from by diverting organic materials to composting

Evaluation Process

We will conduct short, online surveys with webinar participants at registration and immediately after the webinar in order to assess change in knowledge and awareness.  We will also conduct a midsummer follow-up to find out whether camps took action following the webinar (and if not, what barriers prevented them from doing so).

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