Green Camps Visits provide camps an overview of their environmental impact and the steps they can take that most reflect the three outcomes of Green Camps Initiative:


Economic Savings | Reduced Environmental Impact | Education of Campers and Staff


Components of a Green Camp Visit


  • Our education programs can be catered to campers, staff and/or community members to provide engaging education on all topics related to sustainability.
  • We use fun activities to highlight topics of sustainability to educate and empower participants to implement change at camp and back in their home communities.
  • Education topics are chosen during visit planning and include energy, water, waste, food systems and the human connection to natural systems.


  • Surveys are used to collect information to create an initial profile of your camp facility and programs.
    • Staff awareness and involvement in sustainable practices
    • Current Carbon Footprint
    • Water and Energy use

Green Audits

3 Types of Audits

  1. Walk Through
    • A walk through audit of your facility will touch on all aspects of how sustainable development will benefit your site.
    • You will be provided with a write-up of recommended retrofits, programming ideas and other solutions to address sustainability issues at your site.
  2. Lite Audit
    • A lite audit will focus on specific areas of interest in order to gather energy and water data to generate cost savings opportunities and more in-depth development of programming solutions specific to your site.
    • Results from audits can be used to apply for grant funding opportunities.
  3. Deep Audit
    • A deep audit will provide an overarching assessment of your facilities operations to create a site-wide plan for accessing solutions that will most benefit your facility.
    • Reports will include cost/benefit analysis of suggested systems, available rebates/incentives in your area, reduced cost access to sustainable goods.

Download the Green Camps Visit Overview

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