What Does it Mean to be a Green Camps Member?

Sustainability:  the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely

There is a general consensus that there is a need to be more sustainable, but the challenge lies in understanding what sustainability means, what sustainability looks like and how to access it.

Green Camps Members begin their journey towards sustainability by completing the Green Camps Certification.  The five steps of certification were developed to help any camp access the educational, environmental and economic benefits of sustainability.   The overarching focus on this process is to ask good questions to help highlight areas that camps are already excelling at (high five!) and which areas would most benefit from behavior change, retrofits and upgrades.

Thanks to contributions from Salesforce Foundation, GCI has launched a Green Camps Cloud Based Community which brings together the growing network of camps interested in sustainability.  Each camp is guided through creating a green team, conservation policies and conducting audit surveys to determine which sustainable solutions best reflect the camp’s mission and goals, available resources, population being served and regional issues.

By creating this camp sustainability profile, this organization is able to demonstrate to it’s campers, staff and community the practical and beneficial applications of sustainability.

Green Camps Initiative is a project of Community Partners, which is a duly registered public charity, exempt from Federal
income taxation under Sections 501(c)(3) and 509(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.