Green Camps Cloud Community

Green Camps Initiative has developed a cloud community that facilitates sustainable camps discussions and the five step process to become Green Camps Certified.

There are literally hundreds of sustainable solutions that could potentially benefit any organization.  It can be overwhelming to have so many options and while one solution may work well for one organization, it might not fit well at another.  By organizing sustainability discussions by topics such as energy, water, waste, landscaping and food systems you are able to ask questions and find answers to what other camps are experiencing as they pursue sustainable initiatives.  This resource will help learn from the challenges and successes of other camps so you don't have to reinvent the wheel or spend hours researching solutions.

To simplify the certification process, the cloud community helps each camp build their sustainability profile.  When ready to begin pursuing certification, simply select the option to begin and a built in process will send email notifications to facilitate each of the five steps to become Green Camps Certified.

Case studies help create a database of sustainable initiatives that have been implemented at different camps.  As this database continues to grow, a wealth of knowledge on practical examples of sustainable solutions will help educate the camp community of the benefits of sustainable education and development.