Earthday 2016: The Sustainable Camps Movment

By Danny Sudman Each year, on April 22 we recognize the start of the modern environmental movement which started in 1970.  It’s quite amazing how much change has been inspired and implemented from a community of passionate individuals.  We still have a long way to… Read More»

Understanding Fiscal Sponsorship

On February 14th, 2014 Green Camps Initiative (GCI) was accepted as a project of Community Partners.  Up to this point, I had been developing a business model for an organization to bring sustainable solutions to the camp community, but wasn’t sure about which path would… Read More»

Cloud Community for Green Camps

Earlier this year a friend of mine recommended I apply for the non-profit program offered by Salesforce Foundation to help Green Camps Initiative manage the growing network of camps interested in sustainability. Initially it was just meant to offer an organizational tool to stay in… Read More»

GCI presents at the American Camp Association Office

The American Camp Association (ACA) has been a great source of inspiration in the development of Green Camps Initiative to support camps in accessing the benefits of sustainable education and development.  My previous camp directors encouraged leadership staff to participate in ACA endorsed educational events… Read More»

Green Camps Visits to Camp High Rocks

The last stop on the Sustainable Camps Road Trip was Camp High Rocks an all boys summer camp located in Cedar Mountain, North Carolina.  Don Gentle, one of the camp directors at Camp High Rocks showed me around the camp facility as we discussed the principles of… Read More»

Green Camps Visit to Falling Creek

Driving up to Falling Creek I was taken aback by the giant water fall that greeted me as I slowly made my way up the mountain.  I met with one of the camp directors Marisa Pharr and Doug, a seasoned staff member who will be… Read More»

A Green Visit to CYO Camp in Nashville, IN

While I was staying with a friend I met at camp in Salt Lake City she mentioned that she worked at Camp Rancho Framasa for a few summers and they were doing some amazing sustainable initiatives there.  She connected me with Kevin and Angi Sullivan, the Camp… Read More»

Sustainable Camps Visit to Heartland Camps in Kansas

Heartland Camps – Parkville, Missouri and Olathe, Kansas I met Michael Mcgraw at the Campminder conference in Denver, CO last winter when he attended one of my education sessions called “playing with sustainability”.  I was able to connect with Michael and set up a green camps… Read More»