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Green Camps Initiative provides resources and programming to support the camp community in becoming a model for sustainability. 


The Green Camps Certification is a building block to the benchmarks that outline best practices in sustainable camp development.  


Camps benefit by reducing their environmental impact, educating the diverse audience of campers and staff who attend their programs and saving money.


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Help inspire change in the camp community.

Do you have a sustainable practice/solution that you'd like to share with the rest of the camp community? GCI is collecting case studies to highlight the challenges and successes experienced by youth and outdoor education camps by implementing sustainable systems.

To participate answer the questions below and send in photos to highlight a sustainable solution at your camp to info@greencampsinitiative.org

Submissions will be put together as an educational resource and a few will be displayed at the Green Camps Initiative booth in the exhibit hall at the 2016 ACA National Conference February 9th - 12th.

Case Study Questions

1. What Initiative are you highlighting?

2. What resources did you use?

3. What challenges did you face?

4. What value does this add to your camp?

5. Play by play of the Case Study

6. What advice would you give another camp?

7. Additional thoughts or comments.


Danny has been great to work with and has always answered any questions we had and provided support along the way for the process..

Wayne Clukey
Camp Natarswi

Creating a Green Team establishes a baseline for accountability so that camps can actively seek to improve their sustainable practices.

Kristy Andrews
Camp Wawenock

Using the Green Camps Certification template to write our Commitment to Sustainability we clarified and created future goals for our camp's green practices.

Kristy Andrews
Camp Wawenock

Filling out the Audit Survey of the Green Camps Certification showed me areas our camp is already excelling in sustainability - but also areas for improvement.

Kristy Andrews
Camp Wawenock

The certification process format was very well thought out .There are clear directions and ideas to help you along the way with certification

Wayne Clukey
Camp Natarswi

Personally I support the Green Camps Initiative because I believe that the initiative will create greater environmental responsibility within the camp community and beyond. Campers will attend camp programs learn about sustainable practices and take those lessons home. GCI is promoting environmental responsibility and taking care of the Earth’s precious resources, as a camp professional and a mom I couldn't be more supportive.

Michele Branconier
Executive Director American camp Association, Southern California/Hawaii